This Week Summon
Jesus Christ is willing, but are you willing?

In these passage of scriptures, we read about how Jesus had come down from the mountain after he had finished preaching his famous sermon that is know as the “Sermon on the mount” according to Matthew 5 through 7. As Jesus was coming down from the mountain and as the multitudes were following him down the mountain, the scriptures says, there came a leper, a man who was sick with a deadly skin disease, a man who had been separated from his family and from society because of this contagious skin disease, a man, who wasn’t really suppose to be seen in public because the law of Moses stated that those who had leprosy was suppose to stay in a leper camp until the leprosy goes disappeared from their bodies, a man who was in a desperate situation, a man who seems to be in a helpless condition……but yet despite of his adverse circumstance, this leper, this man came to Jesus. Thank God that this man did not wait until he got better to come to Jesus. If he had waited until he got better, he might would have died and not have the chance to see Jesus. This leper came to Jesus with his sickness and all. He came to Jesus in pain and all. He came to Jesus in desperation and all. You know you have lot of people say that when they get better, when they start living right, that is when they say they will come to church, and get with Jesus. But you will never get right, nor will you get better on your own. You need to come to Jesus so he can make you get right and better because He is the only one who can make you right and better!!!!

The scripture says that this leper came to Jesus worshipping him and said to him, If thou wilt, thou can make me clean. And Jesus having so much compassion on this man he stretched forth his hand and touched him and said, I will, be thou clean. And immediately, the leper was cleansed. Then Jesus tells the man to not to tell anyone about how he was healed, but to go and show himself to the priests and offer the gift that Moses had commanded so he could be a testimony to them.

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Bible Study
How to structure your Prayers
Steps of Prayer
Praying is one of the best things one could ever learn to do. There are various ways of praying and prayer could basically be viewed as having a conversation with the Lord. There are numerous prayers online that may help you with specific prayer requirements such as prayers for healing, protection, good health and so forth.
The most important prayer of all (and the only one you need to consistently pray as indicated by Jesus) is The Lords Prayer. Sometimes, however, it is comforting and assuring to add a personalized prayer to your praying routine as well. The problem comes when you have so much to say that you do not know how to organize your prayer.

A simple way of doing this is by following 5 simple steps.

1. Praise the Lord.
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